Magical Time of Year


This is my favourite time of year. I am a Christmas nut! To the extent that for my 21st birthday, my friends bought me a big ceramic Santa and all signed the bottom of it. I have loved Christmas since I was a child and have grown more crazy about it, the older I get. I love everything about it, the lights, the Christmas movies, waking up with all of my family with me, just being together.

It’s the one time of year where I feel I can really stop and take a breath. I take the time to enjoy being with my family and friends, and life slows down for bit.

They say that children make Christmas more special and I do believe that. There’s an added feeling of magic when there are children around. It also gives me a great excuse to go to all the Christmas shows that I would never go to before.  My husband and I headed to Santa’s Wonderland on the weekend with some friends, pretending we were there for the kids. Realistically it was just an excuse for me to go! My daughter is only 18 months old so she doesn’t really understand it yet, but I was so excited to create some wonderful memories I can tell her about when she’s older. I know she will love hearing about how I sat on rode the Polar Express, patted a plastic reindeer , went down the giant inflatable slide and basically relived my childhood. I figure we better make the most of it now, before she gets old enough to be embarrassed by her parents!

More and more I notice the magic of Christmas disappear. It seems to be all about the gifts, how big or how expensive they are. We are bombarded with ads telling us that the best way to tell our loved ones we care; is with the most expensive things we could buy. My question is, since when did the cost of something determine how much you care for someone.

I can honestly say I’m not fussed about being given expensive gifts. Life has become too much about the material things, who got diamonds, who got designer bags, who has the prettiest decorations or the biggest tree. What I want for Christmas is love and laughter.

I want to spend the day with my family watching old Christmas movies and playing board games. I want to be able to go to our friends Christmas party, exchange $15 Secret Santa gifts and laugh at the silly gifts we get. This is what Christmas is about.

This year, I ask you to remember this. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive gifts at all, hell I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to give me diamonds! But lets not allow that to take away from the magic that is Christmas. Let us bask in the small moments, the ones we will carry with us for years to come, and be thankful for the wonderful people we have in our lives.

Bec C Tscheresch

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